One in kind,Kind in One

By: Aanya Rastogi(X C)
Today, I saw young boys laughing at one of their fellows who had fallen down…
I heard my teacher body shame one of the girls in my class…
I saw people scoffing at a crying boy cause it was “Pathetic”…
I heard the whole assembly discourage a kid who was fumbling on the mic…

See, I have a problem; I don’t like it when people are unkind to anyone. It may seem exaggerated, it may seem unrealistic. Maybe some of you are rolling your eyes right now. But it is true.
If we are going to share this earth with 7.7 billion people, we better learn the art of kindness. Kindness isn’t just charity or some extensive phony philanthropy. It comes from your heart and touches another one. If offering someone a helping hand or a simple smile on your race to the end of the day can bring someone a little euphoria, why devoid that person or yourself of that pleasure.

We now live in a world where everyone is upset because of something or the other. I know,YOU have been there. YOU have felt it. When you were feeling low because of something and a random stranger made your day. So now each time you go out, why not try being that random stranger for anyone?

Life has a funda of returning what you give to it. So if you are not nice to people then how can you expect them to be nice to you?

We’ll all die one day. people will not remember what competitions we won or what skills we mastered. They’ll remember the time when we stood by them or helped them or cried for them. It is as easy to make someone’s day as it is to ruin it.

Now you may ask yourself—What do i get from being nice? As Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. astutely quotes “There is no such thing as a selfless good deed”. It is true. Good deeds make you feel good. Knowing that someone is smiling because of you is bound to make you happy too. And if doesn’t, then gosh! What kind of a creep are you?! I don’t know if being nice is good or not but it sure does feel good. What more do you need from life?

Show compassion, empathy, kindness to anyone who needs it and everyone who doesn’t. Because ,trust me, YOU need it.

This is a cynical world. You cannot live behind the veil of “I don’t care” forever. Something you see wrong or unjust will make you unhappy too. You’ll feel like you are helpless, vulnerable, like you can’t do anything. But you can. Being unkind isn’t just bullying someone or molesting someone or I don’t know…… killing someone? We are unkind so many times a day without even realizing it.

Just smile at the lunch lady who serves you everyday, listen to a friend, don’t body shame anyone, don’t interrupt 2 people talking if they don’t want you to, be nice to someone who is being bullied by everyone, be polite, stand against whatever injustice you see….the list goes on and on. Just keep spreading around happiness and kindness like it’s confetti.  Do something, be nice to at least one person each day and remember “You can’t change the world but you can change the world for one….”

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