Disgusting Sins…

What a cruel world, that a 14-year old have to write with grief that how you can’t even trust your religious leader, the person you consider as a ‘God’. If you ever visit the website of Ram Rahim, throughout his video one word caught my attention “FEMINIST” how ironic, right? A person christened as Sadhvi by the chief of the Dera, would be the last person in the world to expect to get raped.

It took the two women 15 long years to get justice. And it was their sheer determination and gritty persistence that led to it. Imagine, the excruciating pain they went through physically and mentally both but we can’t imagine cause we never experienced it. But while the case was going on, the aggressive response of the devotees of the ‘Rapist’ was extremely unexpected and unaccepted. How can someone trust a Sant who is also a rapist. The riots caused by the devotees are the proof how religion is blinding everyone, but following someone blindly and ignoring their mistakes is not religion, religion is humanity.  If people think that the arresting of their guru because of a valid reason  was unjustified then getting raped and shutting their mouth for years because they were threatened, was not injustice? Then i guess India doesn’t know the meaning of Justice. If we all remember that just a few years ago a similar case was in the court. Follow religious leaders but not blindly because mostly famous people are caught with their transgressions.

The reason India is still slacking behind, is because every other citizen sits here in a queue to get justice, why do they have to wait for 15 years? Why is half of the Indian population supporting the culprit? Do you think the girls of this country have to be afraid and conscious always? How can someone emposter to be a big devotee of God and commit a crime as forbidden as rape? Why ruin someone’s life just because of your own advantage? Why do we accept the lies fed to us by government or by religious leaders? Why can’t we believe in ourselves rather than believing in these so called Gods?

This whole situation is messed up, if the people of this country raise their voice for a right thing and in the right way then maybe someday we will stop giving names to the anonymous girls who get raped and died, we will stop criticizing girls for a sin they never did, we will stop making wrong decisions. But unfortunately if this is the condition of country then of course the youth is going to leave the country. How is India going to be safe when every other day we hear a new girl getting tortured, for what, just being a girl? Even Animals won’t do such absurd things, then I guess humans lost their humanity but at least animals are better than humans.

Sumbul Khan



The Goods & Services Tax : A Revolution


The government of India launched The Goods and Services Tax or GST on the 1st of July, and it revolutionized the way we do our taxes. Goods & Services Tax Law in India is a comprehensive, multi-stage, destination-based tax that will be levied on every value addition. Goods and Services Tax is levied on each of stages that include Buying of raw materials, Manufacture, Sale to wholesaler/warehousing, Sale to Retailer and finally Sale to the consumer which makes it a multi-stage tax.For example: a manufacturer wants to make a shirt. For this he must buy yarn. This gets turned into a shirt after manufacture. So, the value of the yarn is increased when it gets woven into a shirt. Then, the manufacturer sells it to the warehousing agent who attaches labels and tags to each shirt. That is another addition of value after which the warehouse sells it to the retailer who packages each shirt separately and invests in marketing of the shirt thus increasing its value. GST will be levied on these value additions – the monetary worth added at each stage to achieve the final sale to the end customer. Currently, the Indian tax structure is divided into two – Direct and Indirect Taxes. Direct Taxes are levies where the liability cannot be passed on to someone else.

An example of this is Income Tax where you earn the income and you alone are liable to pay the tax on it.In the case of Indirect Taxes, the liability of the tax can be passed on to someone else. This means that when the shopkeeper must pay VAT on his sale, he can pass on the liability to the customer. So, in effect, the customer pays the price of the item as well as the VAT on it so the shopkeeper can deposit the VAT to the government. This means that the customer must pay not just the price of the product, but he also pays the tax liability, and therefore, he has a higher outlay when he buys an item. Goods and Services Tax will address this issue after it is implemented. It has a system of Input Tax Credit which will allow sellers to claim the tax already paid, so that the final liability on the end consumer is decreased.

According to experts, these items could become costlier:


  • Cigarette prices likely to go up as GST rate for tobacco will be higher than current duties
  • Commercial vehicles such as trucks will become costlier
  • Mobile phone calls may get costlier as service tax will go up
  • Textile and branded jewellery may become costlier

And these could become cheaper:

  • Auto: Prices of entry-level cars, two wheelers, SUVs may fall
  • Car batteries likely to get cheaper
  • Paint, cement prices likely to fall
  • Movie ticket prices likely to fall as entertainment tax will come down
  • Electronics items like fans, lighting, water heaters, air coolers, etc. will get cheaper

Therefore, the idea behind having one consolidated indirect tax to subsume multiple currently existing indirect taxes is to benefit the Indian economy in a number of ways:

It will help the country’s businesses gain a level playing field

It will put us on par with foreign nations who have a more structured tax system

It will also translate into gains for the end consumer who not has to pay cascading taxes any more

There will now be a single tax on goods and services

India will become a single unified market.

The Goods and Services Tax Law aims at streamlining the indirect taxation regime. GST will subsume all indirect taxes levied on goods and services, including State and Central level taxes. The GST bill mechanism is advancement on the VAT system, the idea being that a unified GST Law will create a seamless nationwide market. It is also expected that Goods and Services Tax will improve the collection of taxes as well as boost the development of Indian economy by removing the indirect tax barriers between states and integrating the country through a uniform tax rate.

Although, the new system of GST is posing some jeopardizes to the citizens of the country especially to the traders and making them indulge in riots and strikes but like demonetization we need to understand that change is important and sometimes that is what we actually need. A perquisite of development is to believe and accept the idea that we must be the change we wish to see in the world.

By : Falguni Supekar

Juvenile Crimes

As the crimes by youngsters increase, it becomes clear that we are living in a new age of offence. But the question is what converts these young innocent minds into atrocious masterminds?

According to experts this increasingly competitive world is becoming a major reason for young offences these days.  Anxiety and depression due to anger or loneliness leads to the birth of violent and socially unjust ideas in these curious minds. On top of it all poverty has bred resentment, the root cause of many crimes in rural teenagers. Negligence by parents just adds fuel to this fire of wickedness. Or else excessive pressure by parents on their children to do “better” can put children in turmoil too. These spiteful teenagers are a danger to themselves as well as the others.

The visuals play an important role in directing and diverting young minds these days .So watching violent movies or playing such games too can ignite the spark of sinister thoughts.

We as individuals and society as a whole have a duty that children should be allowed and provided opportunities to grow up in a healthy social environment, so that they go on to become respectable and respectful citizens of our country. Parents should be quick to recognize any signs of contempt in children and should take appropriate action on it. They should try to reach out to their progeny with warmth and love. Juvenile counseling can also be done, if needed. If these simple measures are taken, we can save many adolescents from being dragged into the world of never-ending crimes.


Aanya Rastogi


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