A Proud Woman

By Mitali Mankani(A Feminist):

Scrolling through my timeline, I came across a few memes and I thought to myself ‘Is this what the world anticipate for women?’
A man has 2 legs, 2 arms, 2 eyes, 1 nose and lips…So does a woman. Still the hardest part of being a woman is asking the world to treat us equally.They expect a kind, beautiful young lady who can cook. Many people believe we are supposed to wake up and slam huge amounts of makeup on or faces and dress revealingly for the sick pleasure of others.
We like playing sports and we don’t whine when our nails break or hair gets spoiled. We like knowing about the latest technology and we do play video games in our free time. We don’t wear dresses all the time, we have baggy pants moments too.Sometimes we the food isn’t good and we fancy our jobs.
“You do it like a girl” is a common insult we all have heard or said at least once in our lifetime.I believe it isn’t an insult, it is a matter of pride.


We are women of substance- A woman of substance is a woman of power, a woman of positive impact and a woman of importance. We don’t permit feedback and the weight of public opinion to influence us and we believe in being different; being different defines beautiful.

We are women of passion- We are not hesitant or reluctant to contend and win in any physical field of exercise culture. We have the right to battle with the ones who are indulged in the stereotypical male patriarchy .

We are women of bold- We aren’t terrified of rapists, rather we are survivors. We have a tendency to spread mindfulness and help people from various exploited classes.

In my opinion, the truth is we should all stop expecting women to be a certain type. I bf we look different doesn’t mean that we have to be treated differently. We could be hardworking, we could build muscles, we could be engineers and doctors and we could drive a sports car. Yes, I will braid my hair, dress nicely and cook food…not because you want me to but because I enjoy it for myself.

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