The Stone

By Shivangi Dutta(Ex Queen)

How do I describe its life?
The one who is termed to be lifeless
Who is a symbol of hardness and roughness
and describes a person who is inhumane and heartless.
Who lies beneath our feet and is often being neglected
Unless a devil occupies your mind and you want to hurt someone
Then your eyes desperately search for it and you look around until you find it
And when you do, you hit, which hurts the stone as well.

But was it the stone who wanted to hurt?
Was it the stone who willingly came to your notice?
Nonetheless, its blamed and cursed
And used in phrases to depict a monster
Who is in thirst of a red liquid called blood.
The stone bears the stain, blood smeared over its face
For as long as it is not washed by merciful rain.
But is the rain merciful always?
When the thunder roars and the rivers cry
It is the stone that is coerced to submit and move along
The stone has no say when the frightened waves run over it
And gulp it inside so that it’s lost in the anxious waters.

For once it was thankful, it had no life
For no air to breath would have killed it otherwise.

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