Life-A Beauty Thesis

By Aanya Rastogi( X C):

Mirror  Mirror on the wall

Who’s the ugliest of them all?

It’s me, I know….

But I want to look like a doll.


Today, when we look around the world, we feel very small. Very  insignificant. We see beauty products laughing at us. We see gymnasiums body shaming us. We see advertisements of models mocking us for our simplicity and mediocrity. We see salons and parlors gawping at us as if we are some grotesquely brutes.  So we run home and hide our faces with makeup, bodies with expensive clothes and insecurities with filters, all the while not realizing that we don’t need to. We don’t need to be a part of this endless cycle of beauty and its judgements.

On one hand, we learn that our sight and brain can beguile us while on the other hand we thrive behind beauty, which is described as ‘a set of qualities pleasant to the sight and brain’. How can we be so sure that things we call beautiful aren’t the ugliest and the things that are labeled ugly, not the most beautiful? Things are things but labelling people as ‘ugly’ or ‘pretty’ should surely be number one in the list of “Ways to make people hate themselves” . The flaw with the concept of beauty today is that it is a concept.


Mirror Mirror on the wall

Why can’t I be slim and tall?

How far in this web of lies

Do I have to fall?


People fail to see beauty beyond the “fair skin” and “slim waist” iconized by the same old songs written by the people whose mindsets are darker than any skin tone and heads thicker than any model’s waist.

Suicide cases all over world have doubled up for both males and females in the last decade due to the growing pressures of a certain ideal body image. Your one comment, one remark can push someone over the edge to commit suicide. It takes a second to call someone fat and and they’ll spend a lifetime trying to starve themselves. We can help someone by not engaging in the reckless practice of throwing fruitless remarks and wanton comments. We are no one to decide what created by God himself is ugly or not. Each time we insult someone’s looks, we are deluding and marring ourselves.

The girl next door with braces, the boy from your colony with unflattering spectacles, the lady at your bus stop with dark skin, your classmate with a severe acne problem are all just as good looking as you are. They deserve to be treated with the same level of respect and kindness as you do.


Mirror Mirror on the wall

I paid big bucks for thee.

So after all that I’ve done,

Why can’t you be nice to me?


I sometimes pity the poor mirror who does nothing wrong but hang at a wall, enduring the pain of being cursed at unnecessarily. It is not a reflection of our physical features but of our thoughts. So if we find ourselves unpleasant-looking in the mirror, chances are that we degrade ourselves in our own eyes.

I personally feel that beauty is not a measure, it is a feeling. A feeling that we chase after, not knowing that it is already inside of us. Each scar, each mark, each freckle, each pimple on our body is pretty because it makes us who we are. Acceptance of oneself is the first step of feeling beautiful. In fact, you don’t need to try to look beautiful. You can redefine beauty. You don’t need to make a single change in yourself to satisfy anyone.

Amidst 1000 people with an admirable face, there reside only 100 with an admirable heart. The goodness you carry within you is what hides the power to make a change, not any artificial eye-candy.

When you offer a helping hand to someone, that is attractive.

When you say a few kind words to someone, that is handsome.

When you work hard to achieve your dreams, that is charming.

When you stop believing in paltry stereotypes, that is gorgeous.

When you start to love yourself for who you are and how you look….that is beautiful.


Mirror Mirror on the wall

Being beautiful is just too tiresome.

I realized, the more you crave for beauty

The uglier, you become…..

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