The Will’s Victory

By  Aanya Rastogi and Kinjal Bhatt  ( X C )  :

From the blues of blues
from the darkness of the skies.
To the vividest of hues
to the brightness of the eyes.

Thunder and lightening await my storm,
you can’t escape my treachery
Indiscriminately i touch all forms

I am the mother of all virtues
path to light, they say
look inside your overturned statues
You’ll find me trapped in the clay.

I am the most dependable entity
Try tasting my grounded essence.
I shall turn moments into blissful eternity

How dare you breach upon my land?!
Haven’t you heard the tales of my tyranny?
I am the sky,you are the sand
an ant in front of a badger, what an irony!

It is true, many a hope you did kill
But your time is now coming to a close.
Send knives my way, if you will
But I shall I still offer you a rose.

All your haunts you chose
Equality, you condemn.
Even if you show me a rose
I’ll choose the thorny stem.

Who are you to accuse me?
You laugh through others tears.
You go and set their demons free
Then feast on their fears?!

Stop talking you vacuous fool!!
I can ground you to dust.
Destruction is my only rule
I am not the one to trust.

Grief is a tangible thief.
And I am a divine saint.
Yet with me they don’t practice belief
I always hide my complaint…

Oh look! Did I hear it right?
Did patience just complain about its misery!
Now is the time to get out of my sight
While I here celebrate my victory.

You are nothing but a coward
You always attack where low is my din
Aren’t you moving a lil’ too forward..
Because my friend, cowards don’t win.

Don’t ever call me a coward!
You have’t seen what I have seen
You stand here with your words all flowered
If I answer you now,you’ll just call me mean.

You murder so many dreams
It’s like you weapons are trying to find company.
How can you ignore those screams
Ringing in your ears in symphony.

Stop!Stop getting in my head.
I don’t know what you are talking about
All the lies I’ve fed..all the fears I’ve bred…
Why are they eating me inside out!

Face it you are completely alone.
You have no loyal lovers.
You lost your friends for your throne
They have come back to take your powers.

I..uh…NO. I am powerful…i am mighty..what are you doing

….Come on; give me your hand. It’s not too late. I’ll help you

..No one can help me..please make it stop…I can’t take this. I can’t lose. I CAN’T LOSE!!

Believe me a day will come
When you will reattain your innocence.
Actually for me it was a battle long won
because you my love….had no patience.

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