The Vagrant Winters

By   Varonica  :

The frosty field was yet to chill
Warm the fireside, yet to thrill
Not to autumn will I yield
But solitary winter to unveil

The snow glows white
As it comes tonight
Dreaming for sunlight
After long chilly night

It came like last heroic soldier
Of a defeated army
While everyone celebrated Christmas
This moment seemed uncanny

Granny waited,Knitting the warm sweater
In a room- skimpy and dim, drinking tea: glimmer of winter

All were rubbing hands, with quivering bodies
Quaint drama phone kept on stand, laying charming rhapsodies

He saw one taking sip of soup. Envy, blowing the howling wind
And destroyed the camp fire coup, decreasing temperature

Imprints of frozen fractals he leaves, and lots of tenuous ice he gives
He is the cold reason. Unkempt winter season


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