The Best Part of Life


By –  Aarushi Jain  (IX E)    :

I never let schooling interfere with education. Schools are for fun, enjoyment and talking though our hats with our friends but those hostile subject and teachers spoil all our fun.

The worst subject- Math! The crisis which makes us feel dizzy. I don’t understand why is “pie” equal to 3.14, not 140. There is no logic in the subject. When, where, what happens to a value, nobody knows and all those boring math teachers- sort of hooligans who insist us to solve various problems. If it were so easy, wouldn’t we be sitting on the collector’s seat instead of our class’s last bench!.

The second poor subject is science. Isaac Newton discovered gravity while sitting in a garden. He must be bunking his school lecture that time! If we would get a chance to do so, we would find out nature’s each and every law easily. We are insisted upon to mug up the chemical values of each element but it is of no use. I am always in reverie that what is the logic behind teaching all those biology, chemistry, physics and mat. Physics teaches us all about motion, light, sound etc. We already know what we see, what we hear, how we walk. There is no need of any velocity or any other numericals.

All the high brows are lost somewhere. Why don’t the tell the government that there is no need of such “hi-fi” course. The most typical one is social science. Why did the combative kings killed each other one by one or why is there a need to know about farming practices? Are we studying to become a farmer in future? If it is so, I am going to shift to my village. Why do we need to know about villages? Why do we need to know about population?.

Apart from subjects, I think schools are really bat at uniform and discipline. We are asked to perform crackpot jobs. Put oil in hair, polish shoes, cut nails, knee length tunic and a sincere look. I personally feel that many girls (including me) can’t live without flicks, with oils etc..! Sometimes this feels like scam to me.

I hope the situation changes after some time, but I will really miss my school after passing out. There’s a lot to write about school which can never end. We have lots of experiences related to this and a lot many dangerous incidents and punishments but we heed to pass out from school one day. I will always remember my beast like friends, my “always in a pet” teachers and the most important-
“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. It is these days:- replacing an empty mind with an open mind”.

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