Social Media #bane or boon


By Aanya Rastogi (X C) :  What a sight it is! Everywhere you look, you find a homo sapiens with his eyes glued to the computer screen. Today, technology has reached the heights that one couldn’t have even imagined.  But with heights comes the danger of falling. And one of the dangerous aspects of technology is SOCIAL MEDIA.

Social media was created to promote communication and entertainment. But for theadolescents, it’s becoming a nightmare. In the tender age of childhood and teenage, children get easily obsessed to these things. They detach themselves from their surroundings and become more infatuated with the virtual world than the real one. Thus a large part of this generation’s social and emotional development occurs while on internetand cell phones. This has led to introduction of problems like juvenile crimes, cyber bullying and online harassment. According to the researches, there is an abundant effect of online expressions on offline behaviors of teens. This is one of the reasons why students’ social lives are becoming extinct these days.

Though in today’s age, no one remains reclusive. From pings and chats to pokes and emoticons, everything exists to bring people closer and make the world more comfortable. But we won’t understand this until we disentangle ourselves from the web of trends, likes, comments and hash tags.  All in all, Social media is not dangerous at all if we exercise proper caution and don’t surpass the limits. I think these musings will only have an effect when everyone realizes that there are better things to do than sitting in front of a screen and forgetting to live!


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