The Dark Side Of The Moon


By Drishti Shukla (X-B)  :

The good always comes with bad
Like the moon behold the darkness.
Like the beautiful mystery deep in the woods
And a bright full stop in the open sky.

I now feel the darkness in my soul
But oh! I appreciate my will,
Atleast has the courage to say
Darkness doesn’t change its blackness.

I finally came back home
Counting the beautiful stars in my journey
Just thinking that oh! This
Is what devil does to me?

And this darkness was negativeness
Negativeness residing inside me,
But the holding hands
And a whisper in my ear gave a hope.

My heart has popped out
From its place, desiring to
Co-operate with me to finally
Gain those positive rays.

I had the sunshine
In my hands but oh! I regret
Because I forgot to lend
Moon those rays.

I fought the battle
Between my mind and soul,
To fetch that last
Happiness flying away.

Years from now I
See myself smiling,
With absence of the darkness
And oh! Today I am a proud positive me.

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