When Life Struck Negativity


By Apoorva Singh(VIII A):

Whatever we are, whatever our life deals about, depends on our sense of challenges and that sense makes us deal with the negative and positive events that deal with our day to day life.

When negativity strikes, our lives are often burdened with depression, anxiety and such things that bring within more negativity than the positivity that we are looking for. So, even if we have moved deeper in the negative path, our reactions to an event can change our life completely. Moving towards the opposite direction in face of opposite situations is quite difficult, but possible. Negativity is a path that leads towards depression and wrath which can slowly kill a person from inside. Positivity becomes a slow antibiotic that ensures recovery from a negative state of mind. A person sometimes forgets to live a positive life when a drastic change occurs.

Every tunnel has light at the end and every cloud has a silver lining. The relieving solution for this haggard situation is inner happiness. And when a person tries to move towards a happy life, his biggest problem comes to an end. Another situation is communication with people. If anyone tries to converse with people about their problems, they would feel abundantly relaxed about situations that would bring them back on the path of positivity.

Apoorva Singh



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