Friends of “Fourteen”; Ponder

By Rebecca John (IX-B) :

Placeholder ImageSometimes what we see might be a sweet delusion than to have the courage to accept the bitterest reality that would lead our way forward and pushe us to exceed our limits and look at things with a new perspective.

Being fourteen myself, I have had these situations often presented in front of me regarding the future, my personality, the choices I make, the very me who is lost ,whenever I try to mold myself according to situations, in order to represent myself as mature and understanding. Believe me it is very frustrating to just jump out of the world of wildness into the world of maturity.

This is the very time a child, a student is pushed to his/her limits to do well, compete well and win the trophy of success but somewhere most of us think why me? Why should I be the best? Why can’t I enjoy like others? Why do I have to be the Champion? These questions ,my friends ,are the most common questions of teenagers’ lives. During this time we think that the world has turned a blind eye to our wishes and only wants us to be an asset to it. We blame or rather curse parents, teachers and even God for this!But do we ever think out of the box to understand why do they want us to be the champions? Why?Because we fail to understand the basic concept that enjoying won’t win any thing except the false happiness of few moments.

Take a little time and think, why do they scold us? Why do they even bother telling us things that help us grow to have a better and secure future? Even after listening to all the utterly rude nonsense we present to them in the heat of moment!

Take time to think..
Good luck!



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  1. 9009999946 says:

    Dear Rebecca,

    I have hurd a lot of good things from my daughter Shreya

    She is impressed with you and infact u were very effective on Annual Day function

    On your blog, I will only add that ‘Whatever happens, happen for good”

    As I tell u Shreya also, please always follow your teachers (guru), as per Hindu mythology, no one is bigger than a guru (teacher)

    You are in the best school and you will succeed for sure

    My best wishes to you and all the Queens

    With regard

    Shreya’s Dad

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