Disgusting Sins…


By Sumbul Khan (X C):

What a cruel world, that a 14-year old have to write with grief that how you can’t even trust your religious leader, the person you consider as a ‘God’. If you ever visit the website of Ram Rahim, throughout his video one word caught my attention “FEMINIST” how ironic, right? A person christened as Sadhvi by the chief of the Dera, would be the last person in the world to expect to get raped.

It took the two women 15 long years to get justice. And it was their sheer determination and gritty persistence that led to it. Imagine, the excruciating pain they went through physically and mentally both but we can’t imagine cause we never experienced it. But while the case was going on, the aggressive response of the devotees of the ‘Rapist’ was extremely unexpected and unaccepted. How can someone trust a Sant who is also a rapist. The riots caused by the devotees are the proof how religion is blinding everyone, but following someone blindly and ignoring their mistakes is not religion, religion is humanity.  If people think that the arresting of their guru because of a valid reason  was unjustified then getting raped and shutting their mouth for years because they were threatened, was not injustice? Then i guess India doesn’t know the meaning of Justice. If we all remember that just a few years ago a similar case was in the court. Follow religious leaders but not blindly because mostly famous people are caught with their transgressions.

The reason India is still slacking behind, is because every other citizen sits here in a queue to get justice, why do they have to wait for 15 years? Why is half of the Indian population supporting the culprit? Do you think the girls of this country have to be afraid and conscious always? How can someone emposter to be a big devotee of God and commit a crime as forbidden as rape? Why ruin someone’s life just because of your own advantage? Why do we accept the lies fed to us by government or by religious leaders? Why can’t we believe in ourselves rather than believing in these so called Gods?

This whole situation is messed up, if the people of this country raise their voice for a right thing and in the right way then maybe someday we will stop giving names to the anonymous girls who get raped and died, we will stop criticizing girls for a sin they never did, we will stop making wrong decisions. But unfortunately if this is the condition of country then of course the youth is going to leave the country. How is India going to be safe when every other day we hear a new girl getting tortured, for what, just being a girl? Even Animals won’t do such absurd things, then I guess humans lost their humanity but at least animals are better than humans.

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  1. Laxmi says:

    Loved ur thoughts……….may u keep it up

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