Juvenile Crimes

By Aanya Rastogi  (IX C)  :  

As the crimes by youngsters increase, it becomes clear that we are living in a new age of offence. But the question is what converts these young innocent minds into atrocious masterminds?

According to experts this increasingly competitive world is becoming a major reason for young offences these days.  Anxiety and depression due to anger or loneliness leads to the birth of violent and socially unjust ideas in these curious minds. On top of it all poverty has bred resentment, the root cause of many crimes in rural teenagers. Negligence by parents just adds fuel to this fire of wickedness. Excessive pressure by parents on their children to do “better” can put children in turmoil too. These spiteful teenagers are a danger to themselves as well as the others.

The visuals play an important role in directing and diverting young minds these days .So watching violent movies or playing such games too can ignite the spark of sinister thoughts.

We as individuals and society as a whole have a duty that children should be allowed and provided opportunities to grow up in a healthy social environment, so that they go on to become respectable and respectful citizens of our country. Parents should be quick to recognize any signs of contempt in children and should take appropriate action on it. They should try to reach out to their progeny with warmth and love. Juvenile counseling can also be done, if needed. If these simple measures are taken, we can save many adolescents from being dragged into the world of never-ending crimes.

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